Joint Manipulation is a type of passive movement of a joint, using high velocity,
low amplitude (HVLA) maneuvers that oftentimes produce a popping sound
within a joint. The technique is used to target stiff and painful joints which are
contributing to the “cause” of injury in order to achieve a therapeutic effect.
These techniques are an effective treatment method for relieving pain, improving
joint range of motion, alleviating muscle tightness and treating joint stiffness. Our
physical therapists at R.D.Physiotherapy Clinic are experts in manual therapy and
have extensive training in manipulation and how to safely use it to treat pain and
Joint Manipulation is most effective when used with a combination of corrective
exercise, electrotherapy, dry needling, or cupping. When combined with these
other treatment methods, these joint movements assist in naturally healing:
headaches, tendonitis, back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, shoulder impingement,
frozen shoulder, hip impingement, groin pain, patellofemoral pain, plantar
fasciitis, slipped ribs, sciatica, and disc herniations. These techniques are also used
in our wellness problems to manage reoccuring joint stiffness and muscle